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Virtual Evangelization 
From the Archdiocese of Boston

During this year's time of suspension of public Mass, the Archdiocese of Boston compiled these virtual resources for evangelization and staying close to the Lord through prayer, study, and going deeper in our faith.  Even as we begin resuming public Mass in Boston and around the nation, these resources remain available to us all, and can serve as helpful spiritual guidance, clarity and strength. We hope these materials will help you and your ministry as we continue to navigate these challenging times. 

Click here to have access to these resources!



Ascension Press

Another online resource for spiritual development is the Catholic site Ascension Press, which contains several resources including articles, videos and podcasts to engage spiritual journeys at home, or have helpful conversations with children and other family members for support and formation during this crisis. Visit them here!



Oregon Catholic Press (OCP)

Ordinarily a paid site, OCP has generously agreed to make their streamable content free to those in need of spiritual help during the Coronavirus restrictions. Please visit their resources from home page to find resources to guide your prayer life!


Recent blog post from OCP in response to our recent events -

Racism:Change of Heart


Formed - Faith at home

Visit for many resources for spiritual study and reflection! Click here to see their "faith at home" resources.


Christ, our Light in Darkness 

The live streaming of this event has already occurred. However, you can still view the videos for reflection! Here are the topics that were covered:

 – Prayer – Mercy and Forgiveness -Faith: The Key to Meaning and Call to Friendship
– Who is My Neighbor? The Good Samaritan – The Seven Last Words



Find the videos on  The Archdiocese of Boston Facebook page, Catholic TV, and The Archdiocese of Boston website.


Bishop Barron - whose daily Gospel reflections are frequently used on our "Daily Reflection" page - is the founder of Word on Fire, an online ministry with many helpful resources including videos, online articles, homilies by Bishop Barron,and online lectures.


Bishop Barron on King, Aquinas and our Nation's Future


Cardinal Seán's Blog

Cardinal Seán shares his reflections and experiences. Includes weekly content and reflections from our Archbishop. A great resource for guidance! Please consider visiting his blog.



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