Serving Boston's West End, Beacon Hill and North Station Communities

St. Joseph Parish

Saint Joseph Parish 

Serving the West End and Beacon Hill Communities

68 William Cardinal O'Connell Way, Boston,MA 02114



MASS  9:00 AM  AND  4:00 PM



MASS  12:10 PM



Guidelines for Public Mass at St. Joseph

- There is signage and directional arrows designating entrances/exits and directions o walk up or down aisles, to encourage social distancing. In addition, pews  are marked off to further encourage appropriate distancing for people who are not in the same household. 
- Masks are required for all adults entering the Church. If you do not have a mask, we will be able to provide you with one.
- We will give instructions during Mass for safe methods for receiving the Eucharist.
- At this time, the Church will not yet be open for private prayer other than our Mass time. We will send out an update as soon as this changes.
- We will monitor the number of people entering the Church during each Mass, and are prepared to allow people into the Lower Church if we reach a safe capacity, where we can celebrate Mass simultaneously if needed. 

We will continually give updates here on our website and on our facebook page when changes occur.

We also wish to stress that:

  • if you are sick;
  • part of a vulnerable population;                                          
  • or if you feel any hesitation or fear at all, please remain home for now.   



West End Branch - Boston Public Library

Join Mayor Marty Walsh and other City officials on Thursday October 22, 2020 at 6:30 PM for first Community meeting for West End Branch Library Study. 

Click this link to join:

Racial Justice - What can we do?

From Fr Joe:

Ongoing altering of scheduling and known regularities combined with increased viral infections in surrounding communities keeps us conscious and vigilant in discouraging seniors, persons with pre existing conditions and travelers from gathering for mass. All the while our expenses continue.

Realizing the rippling emotional affects and possible discontent of some worshippers please know we simply continue to closely follow directives to assist in prevention of a local uptic in Covid 19 transmission and your possible infection. As we all continue to sacrifice daily and weekly our routines and life disciplines cause us to feel disconnected and isolated. Six months into this pandemic we are tired, weary and worn from it. Discouragement and depression have begun to set in. we are all coping with 2020 and its affects.
Gathering in groups and numbers remains unwise.
We continue to seek your input and expressions of attitude and concern. Thus far you all have gone with the flow so very well. We have only had one (1) active parishioner speak of discontent with our approach and limited scheduling. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, Please call, 617-523-4342 or email [email protected] or write 68 William Cardinal O’Connell Way. Let us know your thoughts and conversations about how we’ve been addressing directives and what may or may not seem most understandable with how we are practicing now and toward the second and third quarters of 2021. We of course are so very, very grateful to all who are prayerfully and financially supporting our on going needs. We are praying for you do please pray for us.
There have been upwards of 1 million deaths worldwide, 200,000 deaths in the US, over 9,000 in Massachusetts and here in Boston nearly 800 have died. Weddings, funerals and church gatherings have been seen as significant activities of transmission of the illness. The World Health Organization warns the very serious situation and second wave of infection & transmission. Schools and school systems open, close and restructure. 
We face additional challenges with the colder season of Autumn and closing windows and resuming fueled heat. There are necessities of building the air flow quality and circulation. How we function over future weeks and months remains uncertain. We continue to navigate uncharted and unprecedented, fragile and challenging times.
Mindful that any and all sacramental and parish gatherings are limited, have specific guidelines and require time and financial sanitizing efforts we strive for some balance. Certainly live streaming and remote participation is the number one prevention solution. One probability of scheduling is to implement an afternoon mass beginning in October and accommodate an alternative to our Sunday 9:00 am liturgy. Consideration and practical implementation will have us celebrating a Sunday 4:00 pm
liturgy. With these two masses on Sunday we hope to keep our gathering numbers at 40% of church capacity while still maintaining expected physical distancing. Your health and protection and your spiritual needs are our top priorities. 
We will continue to improve audio and visual live-streaming of our masseson our Facebook page too, our masses are also always available anytime on our website,  We are most very grateful to an anonymous donor for these equipment upgrades. Not unlike school systems and health and educational institutions we seek to assist you with technological access. Please, simply contact the office for these and any or technological assistance needs.
Another probability will be Wednesday and Friday 12:10 mass. This too is an attempt to provide and increase daily spiritual practice all the while maintaining necessary sanitization and physical distancing. Beginning the first Friday, October 2nd, we will celebrate Wednesday and Friday unless and or until we experience any reason(s)to discontinue. This year of the Eucharist, adoration time will be provided for one hour prior to each Wednesday and Friday beginning 11:00 am
November 9th is the 158 Anniversary of our beloved Saint Joseph Church, dedication by Archbishop Williams on this day in 1862. This year we are asking you to consider our church's anniversary as a “Day of Giving”. During the season of Thanksgiving, we acknowledge all we are thankful for here, whether we celebrate or are restricted from celebrating the Eucharist (Eucharist which means and is thanksgiving). Please consider a contribution this November 9th. It’s been 158 years of faith and resiliency here at St Joseph’s. Please consider how best you help support and ensure our future. November 9th Anniversary day of giving or our grand annual are two fine options for financial contributions. On line giving greatly asssists offsetting our week to week operational expenses. Our weekly income has decreased $2,000 - 3000 leaving us with $10,000-15,000 less each month. We have sadly decreased expenses accordingly and now make significant sacrifices. We must still, however, assist the neediest amongst us. Our outreach efforts have shifted and we are grateful to city, state and private donors. Please consider if and how you can contribute for November 9th and/or to our to our Grand Annual.  Your gifts are needed to cover heat, utilities, insurance, Fr Joe’s salary and health insurance, and for the routine cleaning and sanitizing of the church. Thank you.
Be good to yourself as well as others.
Peace & Good things,

Fr Joe White

Most Recent Mass Live Stream

Sunday, October 18th, Twenty-Ninth Sunday of Ordinary Time -  Live Stream Mass 
Please participate here below in prayer:



Neighbors in Need/Neighbors in Deed

During these difficult times, we remind all parishioners that we remain committed to the assistance of those in need! If you are in need of anything - or are willing to assist us in outreach - please email [email protected] or call the office at 617-523-4342 with your name, phone number, email, and a list of items needed, or availability to serve.

We are here for you!



Offer us your prayer intentions

Be assured that in these difficult times, St Joseph continues to offer prayers for each of you! Please let us know your prayer intentions so that we can offer them up with you. Visit our prayer intentions page to let us know how we can pray for you!



St Joseph Parish and our community need your help

In the wake of the restrictions and difficulties of the Coronavirus, all of us have in some way or another suffered. St Joseph has been involved with the care of the most vulnerable in our community - those who have no income, no savings to fall back on, no means to acquire comforts, necessities, and safety. In an effort to continue our outreach, we urge those of you who are able in these weeks at home to support our Parish financially, to aid our ability to continue our outreach. We would ask those families that can afford to support to give upwards of $25 a week, that can be used to help bring those in our community most in need out of suffering. Anything you can give is welcome and appreciated.


“2020 Vision & Conversations”
Never did I or could we have anticipated what our parish journeying into this year and decade of the twenties would have involved. Back in the fall of 2019 we introduced our “2020 Vision” and our need to plan and strategize for our future, C19 has brought a total different need and with it a whole new envisioning. In an effort to keep with “2020 Vision & Conversations” we are introducing our “Zoom in on St Joseph’s 2020”. Beginning May 1 we will host spiritual and informative “SJP 2020 Conversations” All who are interested are asked to email us [email protected] leave a written message as to topics and needs for discussion. Our first series will return to our most recent connection with those areas of Matthews Gospel we had been learning more about. We will also include discussion on those books we read: “Rebuilt” and “Letter to a Suffering Church”. Our Easter book reading is Og Mandano’s “The Christ Commission”. For info on how to Zoom or how to participate or facilitate in these now virtual “2020 Conversations” contact the office or email [email protected] or review the website.


Call to action - participate in the 2020 Census!



Free to download - Catholicism in the time of Coronavirus

A new (and free download) ebook from Word on Fire:
"Written by Dr. Stephen Bullivant, one of today's sharpest young Catholic theologians and sociologists.
The eBook is not long (around 100 pages) but it offers an insightful and encouraging analysis of the coronavirus, shedding light on the Church’s present moment, similar health crises of the past (and how saints responded ot them).
It also answers the question, what will the Church look like after the coronavirus passes?
This eBook is a helpful roadmap for this challenging time, one that will bring clarity, focus, and energy to Catholics everywhere."
If interested, you can download this book as a free pdf here.


United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Visit their website for daily Mass readings, resources for beliefs and teachings, prayers and devotionals, and much more. 

Watch a new video from the USCCB: Bishop Shelton Fabre on the Death of George Floyd


Offer us your prayer intentions

Be assured that in these difficult times, St Joseph continues to offer prayers for each of you! Please let us know your prayer intentions so that we can offer them up with you. Visit our prayer intentions page to let us know how we can pray for you!

OCTOBER 2020 Mass Times

Weekend Masses:
Sunday at 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM

Wednesday and Friday
Adoration 11:00 AM
Mass 12:10 PM
Rosary following Wednesday Mass

Sacrament of Reconciliation
by appointment

P3 Boston (Prayer, Penance, Pub)

We are sad to announce that, as of June 2020, P3 Boston is ending. We are grateful to them for their prayerful time with us at St Joseph.

During these challenging times, we remind you to check our website regularly. To assist in  your spiritual health and development while you remain at home, we will continue to post relevant resources here at top of this page - from our post of "Daily Reflections" (also found here. ) to online, streaming masses, to other helpful resources and videos. Remember to check back here often new resources.

If you are in need of anything, please reach out to us. While our office is closed for visitors, we still are answering phone calls and emails to be present for our community in the Parish. You are not alone!         

We continue to pray for each and every one of you! offer us your prayer intentions so that we can pray along with you.

"The Lord watch between you and me, when we are absent one from the other." -Genesis 31:49

If you are able in these times, please consider supporting St. Joseph Parish so that we may continue in our efforts of outreach to you and those in most need in our community. Thank you!