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Marriage Information

The Sacrament of Matrimony is a bond of partnership that calls for diligence and care. In order for St. Joseph’s to work with you in this planning, we offer the following guidelines.

The first step to planning your wedding is to contact our Pastor, Fr. Joe White, or 617-523-4342, to schedule a meeting. In this meeting you will discuss possible dates, information on Pre-Cana workshops, and guidance as you prepare for your wedding. Please note that while we recognize that love often bridges various faith traditions, at least one member of the couple must be a baptized Catholic.

After the first meeting with Fr. Joe, we can discuss music and reading selections, as well as any logistics of the liturgy, including the involvement of loved ones in the service, and information for florists, photographers, etc. You will also schedule a wedding rehearsal, usually for the day before your wedding. An organist and cantor are included in the church fees to provide music for your celebration. Additional musicians, such as brass or strings, can add to the joy and beauty of your wedding, and we are happy to arrange that at an additional fee per musician.

Wedding Guidelines

  1. Contact Pastor Fr. Joe White to plan all aspects of the Celebration of Matrimony. We are here to help you in all aspects of this ceremony with diligence and care. The booklet Together for Life, offered at marriage preparation workshops, is a helpful guide and reference when meeting to plan your wedding.
  2. Note the the schedule of payment is in two donations: one donation at the time of booking the date, and a second donation 6 weeks prior to the wedding date. These costs cover expenses of the building and personnel who ensure care and planning for your wedding, including the organist, cantor, wedding rehearsal and other hospitality needs. Your marriage license and checks for additional musicians must be presented at the time of your Wedding Rehearsal, scheduled with the Director of Music and Liturgy.
  3. Due to scheduling restrictions, weekend weddings are celebrated as ceremonies (without Eucharist). Weddings may be scheduled on Saturdays up until 2:00PM and after 5:30PM. Discuss weekday availability with the Pastor. Note that there are many factors that can contribute to a late start to weddings. Carefully consider transportation and scheduling on the day of your wedding. We ask that the groom and party arrive 45 minutes prior to the start time, and bride 15 minutes to be safely on time.
  4. Photography is of course allowed during the ceremony at St. Joseph’s. However, to prevent distractions and interruptions, please ask your photographer to keep their movements to a minimum, and to avoid standing in the sanctuary, center aisle during processions, or the upper side balconies. Any questions can be directed to the Director of Music and Liturgy.
  5. We encourage floral decorations to work along with the liturgical decor of the church. Existing seasonal decor is not to be moved for weddings. Florists may collaborate with the Director of Music and Liturgy prior with any questions.
  6. Confetti, rice, birdseed, flower petals, runners, pets, etc. are not permitted inside for safety reasons.
  7. Parking can be validated at can be validated at the subterranean garage on 207 Cambridge Street (before the Au Bon Pain), and curbside parking is permissible on the weekend of weddings.
  8. Contact Fr. Joe White or the office ( with any questions you may have.

Fr. Joe White

We are here to help you make the Sacrament of Matrimony joyful and special for you, so feel free to contact us anytime.

Continued blessings to you and yours as you prepare for your wedding,