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Our West End Neighbors

West End Branch - Boston Public Library

Join Mayor Marty Walsh and other City officials on Thursday October 22, 2020 at 6:30 PM for first Community meeting for West End Branch Library Study. 

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Beacon Hill Civic Association (BHCA)
The BHCA was established in 1922 by a small, but concerned, group of neighbors whose goal was to protect Beacon Hill's historic residential character. Today, the BHCA continues as a volunteer organization that helps preserve and enhance the quality of life on Beacon Hill, an historic, urban, residential neighborhood in downtown Boston. As an organization, the BHCA acts as an advocate for Beacon Hill residents and facilitates the flow of information on a timely basis. For more information, visit the BHCA website.

The West End Museum at 150 Staniford St, Boston
Preserving the history of the Lost Neighborhood of Boston. Travel into the past and explore a diverse urban community where everyone looked out for each other, colorful characters sang in the streets, and families started a new life. A neighborhood that is an early example of those displaced by urban renewal in America. Admission is free. For more information, call 617-723-2125 or visit their website.