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COVID Guidelines

Blessings of St Joseph!

In response to fears and concerns regarding the COVID-19 virus, we urge continued caution and care in sanitary safeguards for all individuals.

For the month of October, we will be offering a 9:00 AM and a 4:00 PM Sunday Mass

During the week, we are also begin to bring back 12:10 PM services on Wednesdays and Fridays ONLY. 

Adoration will be held at 11:am on these two days and the Holy Rosary will be prayed after the Wednesday Mass.

We will update the website and our voicemail to reflect any of this as well as any other changes as they occur!


Guidelines for Public Mass at St. Joseph
- There is signage and directional arrows designating entrances/exits and directions to walk up or down aisles, to encourage social distancing. In addition, pews  are marked off to further encourage appropriate distancing for people who are not in the same household. 
- Masks are required for all adults entering the Church. If you do not have a mask, we will be able to provide you with one.
- We will give instructions during Mass for safe methods for receiving the Eucharist.
- At this time, the Church will not yet be open for private prayer other than our Mass time. We will send out an update as soon as this changes.
- We will monitor the number of people entering the Church during each Mass, and are prepared to allow people into the Lower Church if we reach a safe capacity, where we can celebrate Mass simultaneously if needed. 

We will continually give updates here on our website and on our facebook page when changes occur.

We also wish to stress that:

  • if you are sick;
  • part of a vulnerable population;                                          
  • or if you feel any hesitation or fear at all, please remain home for now.               We will continue to live stream our Mass as we have been, posting on Facebook and our website, and the dispensation of the obligation to attend Mass remains in effect at this time. Join us in prayer in our live stream, continue to pray at home, and feel free to call us if you are in need of anything - even just a conversation or contact!



Sunday mass and the Eucharist are
the source and summit of who we are as Catholic Christians.


 For dozens of weeks we have been disconnected and distanced. How is it that we now best continue return to our center - gathering for the Eucharistic celebration? We need your thoughts, your input and your assistance. We need your presence felt in the midst of your encouraged absence. The irony of 2020 - being present while living and functioning remotely. 


Seven months (March 10) since mass suspension, church closure, stay at home directives, inability to provide grief & bereavement and funeral rituals; celebrations of weddings and marriages have been cancelled or restricted to directives on gathering sizes and re & re & Relocated and rescheduled. Baptisms have been privatized or totally postponed. The home bound, sick and dying not visited. isolation has affected us all mentally, physically and emotionally. Ministerial needs to substance use and alcoholism and mental health issues have increased substantially. Our NIN-NID Neighbors in Need-Neighbors in Deed outreach efforts was mobilized and continues to assist our senior and isolated parishioners. City and Church collaborative efforts took form delivering needed food items and fresh box provisions. Our food pantry assistance never missed a beat and people greatly witnessed to concern and with generosity. Parishioners have been infected and recovered. Nearly 10,000 have died in Massachusetts and St Joseph Church Columbarium was dedicated at the side altar of Mary & Joseph and cremains of beloved deceased have been temporarily interred in this sacred place of rest until families can gather and provide fitting funeral and memorial rituals. Now with summer ending we have experienced life with Covid 19  through mostly 3 of our 4 New England & liturgical seasons. Entering the fourth season-Autumn  & Advent/Christmas Winter we are still learning and adjusting to the realities of our 2020’s.


In the midst of quickly Implementing immediate and necessary use of personal protection equipment and sanitization procedures we also considered alternative planning. Liverstreamimg mass and communicating electronically became essential.
Reverting to the long standing good ole phone call has proven to comfort.
Our church then wisely began using well the time of these past six months of this unprecedented period and began some long needed & continued extensive restoration and repair. Perhaps somewhat symbolically our shuttered doors took on great meaning. Initially we plexiglassed the main entrance for your viewing and praying opportunity before the Eucharist present in our tabernacle. Then we undertoolk a specific restoration project keeping us focused on praying for you and our inability to gather and your entering for prayer. The two side front entry doors to the balcony barricaded and unused for decades are now totally restored and functional.


In addition to our viral concerns, it has now been three months since the awful death of George Floyd. Racial reckoning has increased the uncomfortable realities of society and systemic needs for better understanding and restructuring.
These fragile days of racial reckoning we are reminded of our church history. Our  Recently restored entry balcony doors were once used (1830’s) by domestic servants to ascend the balcony, unwelcome to the main body of the church and worship with their “employers”.  1832 architect Alexander Paris never designed with such a purpose. (Nor was the balcony ever intended to be used for storage as it has been for years.) Hopefully our first “full reopening” post C19 liturgy - that day will see us needing that seating capacity beyond present day Covid19 40%  restricted capacity directives.


How are we coping spiritually? What is and will be the Ongoing impact?
What have you done and continued for your personal well being?
Please consider sharing your experiences and Input regarding your resources of daily living and efforts of self care.  Visit our website, email and voicemail us, or simply drop us a note. We truly wish to be connected and reconnect. How do we better plug in and stay plugged in?


We ceased gathering and our collective prayer March 15 that Infamous third week  of lent; we never collectively celebrated the most significant and holiest days of our year. Holy Week, Triduum, Easter Sunday And Easter season came and went as if never existing. The Year of the Eucharist Has been so sadly minimalized.

We began live-streaming Sunday mass & followed directives from the archdiocese, state and city with fewer than 10 people. The celebration of first communion took place one at a time at these limited livestream gatherings.


We suspended our parish journeying of “2020 Vision & Conversations” and our strategic planning into the new decade. So much of who we are and who we hope to be has been interrupted. Now we find ourselves with financial challenges and realistically facing our present and future realities. How we address our fiscal realities and unforeseen Issues of today will drive and determine our “2020 Vision and Conversations” and who are as church into our tomorrows.


PLease let us know your thoughts. Please keep us in your prayers. Please contribute weekly or monthly and annually as your means allow. Faced with cutting costs we all realize the difficulties of these days.


Early on for our livestream masses of Easter Season 2020 and throughout Covid19 our parish mantra has been:
“Through it all, we remain an alleluia people of hope.”
Since that third Sunday of lent “Healer of our every ill” been our prelude and theme hymn prayerfully sung:
  “Healer of our every ill,
   Light for each tomorrow
   Give us peace beyond our fears
   And hope beyond our sorrows.”


Fr Joe


"Healer of our every ill, light of each tomorrow, give us peace beyond our fear, and hope beyond our sorrow." -Healer of Our Every Ill, Marty Haughen

Pray for Boston