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Day of Giving/November 9th

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Do you know that November 9 was our Day of Giving?

Yes, November 9th, our 158th church anniversary (1862) happened this year 2020.  It was a much needed Day of Giving in that I asked you to assist us with, on, or if need be, after it.

Did you know it’s official – that I am now your Pastor (no longer Administrator). I just turned 60 and will be here through my sixties! I am now more responsible to you and our finances as pastor than I was as administrator.

The new reality we are currently faced with was not on the screen of our parish 2020 vision, strategizing into this decade of the twenties. In an effort to refocus the 2020’s here at Saint Joseph, I am asking you to review your giving potential.

No great verbiage, no cute logos or phraseology, simply PLEASE SUPPORT YOUR CHURCH of SAINT JOSEPH. Thank you for past support but PLEASE... DONATE

This month I returned one third (1/3) of my annual income, $13,225, to the parish.That is the new car I was anticipating for this year. I am asking anyone who can to match that if possible, or to give in one of two other ways:

  • Be one of a team of 13 who each donate $1000 or $1000-$13,000 or more;
  • Or give what you are able to, between $1-$225.

Whatever category you consider yourself to be in during these fragile and challenging days...please contribute. Every dollar, every piece of change, adds up!

Imagine, if from weekly offertory, Grand Annual and this Day of Giving we had $1000 for every year of our existence since 1862 - 158 years $158,000

This reimagine will ensure our financial stability into these financial struggles of the twenties.


Please visit our website or view attached letter to see all we continue to be these Covid 19 weeks and months... parish life continues.

Appreciation & Prayers

Fr Joe White

158 Anniversary Day Of Giving DONATION LINK