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Fr Joe's Christmas Poem 2020

‘Tis the Christmas of Covid & all through the world

Not a person nor place is exempt - not even the White House
Health concerns and Fear rule everywhere
Every creature is stirring yes even the mouse
Our traditions and routines are weighleighed &have all but been shattered
2020 began with a focus and vision
Until a virus created this awful collision
Zoom is becoming our average & norm
In person and socials discouraged by storm
Hand washing, mask wearing and testing - a whole new reform
For months now we’ve expressed sincere gratitude and thanx
Essential workers and all who’ve done more in the ranks
Those who continue to risk their lives and wellbeing & their families elude
So that we can stay safe & obtain what is needed and shop in a store
That we may be treated be cared for get tested and-
to contain the germ and not be selfish nor rude
So much has transpired what more can be done?
working online and remote learning and worship from home
Humanity-dignity, research great knowledge and science have won
Christmas , is here reservations you’ve made & to church you have come.
The church is as decked as the halls can be
There’s wreaths and there’s lights outside & even a tree
There’s gifts for the giving and food that’s been shared
We’re grateful to Jeffery & Jordan to Ginny & Tim,
To Paul John & Kenny Steve, Lucas and Kimb
To Bruce and to Eric to Patti to Joe to Agnes & Mike
It takes so many not only a few
It takes donations- finances so we thank you & you
We know vaccines await us somehow and someway
To resolve with a balm and with dedicated reason
We Bless all in this research progress and for them we do pray
The gift that they provide us this most sacred season
This year of the Eucharist we’ve been dispensed from all worship
Our faith has been tested - communal life been reframed
Yes faith over fear seems upon many lip
‘Tis Christmas, there’s ,
Each winter as the year grows older, we each grow older too
We celebrate The birth at Bethlehem and the coming New Year
The past 354 and all the many long past-so quickly do ensue
We ponder how much has transpired and all whom we hold dear
2020 has brought us to our knees
Barely a lent no Triduum Holy Week few sacraments shared
We light up this year a Christmas remembrance tree
Funerals and weddings and rituals have been quite impaired
But we must carry on - for yonder breaks a yet more glorious morn
Both Grief and receptions have gone by the way
Mental health and our livelihood are of grave concern to make it all right
And we’ve turned to each other to think what to say
A weary world rejoices - beginning this week a there’s longer daylight
Large numbers restricted but gatherings ensued
Demonstrations and protests election rallys pursued
If Jesus’ the reason
We will as we must
celebrate our redemption
in the hope of the season
In God we do trust
On Dasher On Dancer On Prancer On Vixen
On Mary On Joseph On Bethlehem glisten
‘Tis the birth of our Savior
And surely we’ll recognize as prophets of old
The gift and the blessing upon us bestowed
window candles indeed all decorations declare
The world in its darkness has seen the great light
As Christians we will not be forced into despair
Our God has descended with glory and might
Surely this year has been quite extreme
But so too has the Incarnation always been seen
On Comet On Cupid On Donner and Blitzen
On Angels On Shepherds OnCatholics On Christians
O Come All Ye Faithful Joyful Triumphant
O Come Ye O Come Ye to Bethlehem
Directives and Masks and stay at home requests
Most cards and most gifts this year unique and delivered bequests
With uptic and spiking more home time a require
With greater mutation PPE and more distancing is dire
The Christmas Star in the sky long ago
Was surely more visible than that of this week
yet we’ve witnessed of late wise ones will still seek
One humble and mild of a manger birth so meek
Born in that manger to answer THE CALL
The dawn of a reckoning the world and the prophets sure did await
Dash away Dash Away Dash Away All
Dash away Covid, racism - illness and hate
Dash away dash away
So please we await the medical professional word
Spread the love of Christmas not the viral germ
Let Santa arrive, celebrate the birth of our Lord
Keep others close, but far from them stay &
Yes let’s keep it the norm
Jesus Is The Reason for the Season - Redemption is sung
The season Which lasts 2020 until January 10th Twenty Twenty One
158 consecutive years - St Joseph’s has gathered
No war nor depression no disease nor urban renewal
Has ever deterred the flock or the faithful the wealthy or tattered
We’ve persevered and supported the needs of each other
Our annual anthem this year we can NOT sing in communion
O Come all year faithful
Come and Behold Him
Born the king of angels
O Come Let us adore Him
Chriiiiiiiiiiiist the Lord
Our sending forth of Joy to the World
We must live out in our actions
It’s our faith lived not our singing that brings Christ to birth
Be born in us be born in our world
O Holy night, the stars are brightly shining
It is the night of our dear Saviors Birth
Long lay the world in sin and error pining
Till he appeared & the soul felt its worth
A thrill of Hope
A weary world rejoices
For yonder breaks a new more glorious morn...
This thrill of hope that first Christmas birth
So needed to break us through to a more glorious morn...
On Rudolph On Santa On Jesus we pray
This Christmas This Year of St Joseph Pope Francis Declared
God guide us direct us and show us the way
Shepherd us O God beyond our fears for many are scared
Since March here our parish has prayed a mantra
A prelude to every mass- try to remember if Covid Fog don’t prevent ya
Healer of our every ill
Light of each tomorrow
Give us strength beyond our fear
And hope beyond our sorrow
O Holy Night
God bless you God Bless us all
Be good to yourself as well as others
Peace & Good things


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