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“Crossing into Ash Wednesday” Feb 17th 2021

Message from Fr. Joe

"Crossing into Ash Wednesday” Feb 17th 2021

Ashes and a prayer card are available at the church for personal at home forehead “Crossing” and praying.
We invite you to join us, as we livestream both 12:10 and 7:00 pm masses. We are grateful to the many who remain home and stay safer from contagium of the increasing & various virus strains. Well aware that our neighbors at St Anthony Shrine and Paulist Center remain closed Ash Wednesday, please please pre register for our masses here at St Joseph’s.
Capacity is limited and safety is of utmost concern.
For those who wish to attend services you MUST pre register here on line or call the parish office. Now at 40% capacity seating is limited and all PPE, physical distancing and sanitizing protocol are in effect. If our gathering has high attendance, windows and doors must be left open...dress prepared
We hope to allow limited area daily access to the church for private prayer and devotion during Lent. This will be determined on a weekly basis evaluated on cooperation of the sanitizing and respectful presence of those visiting,
We must ask that any and all follow our prescribed directives.
Mass will be celebrated 12:10 Wednesdays and Fridays of Lent. Please pre register; Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes prior;Temperatures will be taken; Safe seating distances maintained; departure at communion reception.
Scheduled and costly sanitization is in effect following all services.
Friday Stations of the cross will be prayed (and prayed outdoors weather permitting) following 12:10 mass.
Prayer, fasting and almsgiving are three traditional aspects and disciplines of Lent for us who seek to grow spiritually and prepare to make or renew our Baptismal promises at Easter. This primary purpose of Lent (to prepare for Easter) Our chief ambition should be to be used by God, The Divine Force is sufficient for all the spiritual work in the world. God only needs simple instruments for His use! As His instruments we can remake the world.
Perhaps if your nearer my mothers age of 98 than mine of 60 you have lived through periods of history as or nearly as devastating as the present. I have not.
NOW IS THE TIME... The scripture from Joel of every Ash Wednesday takes place during an overwhelming scourge (pandemic like). It is a prophetic call that the people return to the ways of the Lord. Prayer,Fasting,and almsgiving. The collective conversion of heart back in the time of Joel brought God to a covenant with the people, A covenant as St Peter declares in Acts of the Apostle chapters 1&2 as being fulfilled in Jesus and through the Holy Spirit as the fulfillment of Gods’ covenant- promise.
During this pandemic of Covid19 we do well to return to the Lord this Lent. Last Lent the virus halted our collective gatherings and Lenten spiritual journey and toward no Triduum and no Easter. This year we know more, and with all restrictions we proceed cautiously optimistic. In Boston we grieve with over 1200 families, Massachusetts 15,000. USA 500,000, world wide 2,500,000 families.These many deaths have brought unprecedented stages of grief. We also join in prayers of gratitude for the many survivors, all healthcare givers and all essential workers who have given strength, hope, and love.
Ash Wednesday 2nd reading from St Paul reminds us that
“we are ambassadors for Christ”.
Now, is the time, more than ever to be such ambassadors for Christ.
Look no further than our parish church!
Our Neighbors In Need Neighbors In Deed (NIN NID) is a perfect ambassadorship outreach of prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Please refer to the recent Beacon Hill Times article and or our NIN NID link on this website.
On your Lenten journey consider how you can actively receive or contribute to/from our efforts. Please seek our assistance or provide support to our program.
Early in the confusion and need of the pandemic our parish collaborated with Mayor Walsh, Coucilor BoK, Rep. Livingstone and their agencies for food/meal distribution. Much of the fresh box distribution continues. St Josephs has delivered thousands of pounds of food pantry items to Catholic Charities and ABCD. Every first Monday our parish continues to support and provide the OASIS meal to isolated and homeless begun over four decades ago. Historically our almsgiving has reached all over the USA, Tanzania, Peru, Ecuador, India, Guatemala, Ukraine, Italy, Ireland, Poland, England, Israel,and around the world.
How will you pray this Lent?
What will you fast from this Lent?
What will you financially assist this Lent?
Think globally and act locally - Support the efforts of St Joseph Parish
Join us in prayer (virtual and in person)-Join us fasting-Contribute generously
Beginning Feb 18, we begin 30 days of prayer to St Joseph-till March 19.
February 24 we join an evening of reflection & consecration to St Joseph
This Year of Saint Joseph our outside pathway shall encourage our prayers.
All of Lent is a preparation for our Easter renewal and hope. While we suppress the Gloria and Alleluia during the lent season we do not despair in pandemic.
We remain, through it all, a people of hope. An alleluia people!
Fr Joe White


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